Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creamy Tofu Dressing

Whipped up a quick tofu salad dressing a couple of days ago that turned out delicious. There's really not much to it: blend a block of tofu (rinsed and squeezed) with fried and browned garlic (5-10 cloves, or to taste), about half an onion (raw), oil (any mild flavoured kind, or olive oil), herbs (I used home-grown fresh basil and some dry thyme), salt and pepper to taste. Add water and blend so it is the right creamy consistency.


  1. Sounds easy and nice! Have you heard anything fishy about tofu? I used to be a fan until I read somewhere (Dr. Mercola's website) that tofu is actually not so good for health, and that its goodness is a marketing propaganda cooked up by the soy industry in the US...?

  2. I've read a lot of things about soy -- both extremes! What I've figured at the end of it all is not to go overboard and use too much of it, but to use it in small quantities happily, and not to trust conspiracy theories ;)

  3. An article by someone whose opinion I would consider seriously, on soy: