Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tahini–peanut butter rice and a pizza idea!

Dressing: Tahini, peanut butter (more than the tahini), mashed oven-roasted garlic (optional), oil, lemon, pepper and salt to taste – mixed well until creamy.

Okra: Broil in the oven by placing on the highest rack and setting the oven on high heat only from the top.

Eggplant: Also broiled.

Green peppers: Roasted on the stove (by tossing halves on a direct flame until blackened, then covering in cloth/paper/plastic for a few minutes and peeling off the blackened skin)

Mix the rice with the vegetables and dressing. The rice should be wet and creamy, so make sure there is enough dressing.

Note: I've been using variants of this tahini-peanut butter dressing for all kinds of things. Used it as a cheese-like topping on whole-wheat pizzas the other day. Everyone was surprised at how much they loved it! The pizzas also had a tomato sauce base, roasted eggplant and lots of oven-roasted garlic.